Christian Theology

“Globalists assign to ‘The Market’ a ‘comprehensive wisdom that only the gods have known…. It has risen above the demigods and chthonic spirits to become today’s First Cause.’ Of course, the divine attributes of ‘The Market’ are not always completely evident to mortals but must be trusted and affirmed by neoliberal faith.” – Steger

Adam Smith’s economic theory arose during the Enlightenment, and like many modern texts, reproduced Church theology in secular terms. The invisible hand of the market is, of course, God’s. It apportions wealth according to virtue: the lazy are punished and the meritorious and hard-working are rewarded. And so because capitalism was the only system to manifest God’s justice, it had to be shared with the world. Informing our own time, the discourses and institutions of neoliberalism function in the same way as the discourses and institutions of Manifest Destiny. Colonialism and neocolonialism share the same divine mandate.